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Master Instructor: David Younglove

6th Degree Black Belt

David Younglove

Rosemount offers two full sized classrooms allowing us to conduct Karate classes while simultaneously offering Yoga classes ( including Bootcamp/Kickboxing classes to build your fitness.

6th Degree Master Instructor David Younglove will be overseeing all Karate advancements along with 3rd Degree Instructor and Co-Owner Steven Seme and Black Belt Instructor Lillian Bielinski.

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Master David Younglove Bio

Master David Younglove Bio

6th Degree Black Belt
Achieving 1st Degree Black Belt level is symbolic of being both a finishing and a starting point in ones training

• Received his 1st degree black belt, after 3 1/2 years of training on January 24, 1987 at the age of 17

• Achieved 2nd degree black belt in May of 1989

• Achieved 3rd degree black belt on April 27, 1996

• Achieved 4th degree black belt on June 10th, 2000

• Achieved 5th degree Master black belt in June of 2005

• Achieved 6th degree Master black belt on August 17, 2012

• Minnesota State champion in 1989

• Top N.C.K.A. competitor in forms divisions 1988-1990

• Grand Champion at the Northern Stars Karate Championships in 1995

• Top black belt in 30-39 Traditional Form division 2005-2006 • Top team black belt competitor 2002-2006

• Ranked #1 in 40-49 Tradition Form 2012-2013 NCKA season

• Currently Ranked #1 in 40-49 Tradition Form 2013-2014 NCKA season

Mr. David B. Younglove specializes in helping each individual student build a strong self-esteem in a positive learning environment and started his martial arts training over 30 years ago on August 24, 1983. Mr. Younglove began teaching Karate part time in the spring of 1987 and instructed full time from 1988-1990. In June of 1990, Younglove entered the Marine Corps and was stationed in California, Hawaii, North Carolina, Virginia, Japan, and Thailand where he was chosen to train Thailand Marines in Hand to Hand Combat. The discipline learned in karate class helped Younglove to be honored in the top 1% of high power rifle marksman with a spot on the prestigious Marine Corps rifle team where he earned 1 silver and 2 gold medals in national competition. After 4 years, 3 months active duty in the infantry and 1 1/2 years as a reservist Marine MP, Younglove returned to teaching full time from March 1st, 1995 until October 1st, 2006. Mr. Younglove has assisted hundreds of students build focus and discipline through the teachings of the martial arts and mentored hundreds of youth to understand that the discipline of karate reaches beyond the karate school and into their school work as well. Mr. Younglove is very proud that many young students he has worked with have later reach out to him to be a character reference for college and job applications.

Steven Seme Bio

Steven Seme Bio

3rd Degree Black Belt
Mr. Seme started his martial arts training in 1986 studying karate and tae kwon do. After several years outside of the martial arts community, Mr. Seme enrolled his children at USA Karate and decided it was time to return. He earned his Black Belt with USA Karate in January 2011, 2nd Degree in April 2014, and 3rd Degree in January 2017. Mr. Seme is an active participant in the North Central Karate Association (NCKA) where he received top competitor awards in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017. "I decided to focus on teaching after watching my children grow as individuals through the lessons they learned with their martial arts training." Mr. Seme enjoys teaching traditional form, traditional weapons and sparring. His goals are to continue to learn new styles/techniques and to encourage students to set and reach their goals.