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"I dug deep to find the tools that would enable me to Drive Through the Target"

Drive Through the Target! - Drive Through The Target! - Drive Through The Target!

These 4 words still ring through my mind...

To me, karate is a physical and mental challenge, a community and a tool to guide you through difficult challenges. One of my greatest challenges came a year and a half ago when I was faced with having to have brain surgery. If I chose not to have surgery, it would increase my chance of fatality significantly.  I was also faced with relinquishing my driving privileges, having to quit work and worst of all - not being able to care for my children on my own. However, having surgery was also a great risk. The area which had to be removed was in the center of my brain which could only be accessed by removing a large area of bone and then working down to the center of my brain with the aid of several devices.  I knew I couldn't ask what the risk of having surgery was if I was going to focus on getting better so I did what I had to do… I dug deep to find the tools that would enable me to "Drive Through the Target".

Sometimes life gives us situations which seem insurmountable.  However, those 4 words, "Drive Through the Target" combined with my faith, my family and friends - especially my friends from karate, enabled me to do what I needed to do.  The days prior to surgery I continued to repeat to myself "Drive Through The Target" which helped me focus on what I was going to do after surgery rather than focusing on how it would feel, how much it would hurt or if I would survive.  While in the hospital and while I was recovering, it was my friends from karate, who were there to cook meals, drive me places and provide me with support.

I feel very fortunate for having this community and for the ability to do the things I am able. Today, when someone is thinking about learning karate and I am asked why I do karate - I tell them that it is one of the few exercises that work both your mind and your body simultaneously.  I also tell them it is one of the few sports that continuously emphasize respect and discipline which is so important in teaching our children.  Secretly, I know that if they choose to begin learning karate they may someday have a tool to help them "Drive Through the Target".

B. Hsu
USA Karate student