"Our daughter…becomes an extremely focused student…completely open to learning."

Dear Grandmaster Franks,

I would also like to comment about the phenomenal instructors that you have in your schools. Our 5-year old daughter is currently in classes in Brooklyn Center under the instruction of Jake Roell.

While our daughter is a typically shy 5-year old, she becomes an extremely focused student under Mr. Roell's instruction completely open to learning. From the moment she enters the facility she is asking when she can get into the classroom for her class.

When we ask what it is that makes her so eager to get to her class, she states, "I want Mr. Jake to see what I have been practicing."  Mr. Roell has not only instructed our daughter in Martial Arts, but has helped her to develop confidence in who she is and what she can do.

So in short, thanks to you, USA Karate, and Mr. Roell for all that you do.

C. Johnson