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"…thank you for having such a positive impact on my children."

Grand Master Worley,

Thank you for the extra effort you made in preparing the advanced brown belts for their next presentation.  That went well above any reasonable student's expectations. Generally a business owner only hears the complaints or problems, so I thought I would take a minute and provide some honest positive feedback.

As a family with four Masters Program contracts, I feel we are on the same team in promoting the future success of your business. People initially think they are buying karate instruction. That gets them in the door and USA Karate does that well.

As you well know, what people are really buying is a positive experience. Karate may be the vehicle but the classroom experience is the key. Good karate alone will only keep a few self-motivated people involved. This is where your business excels. Day after day you deliver a positive classroom experience.

For example, my nephews - blue belts last night, first started in Maple Grove because we are there. They continue to drive 40 minutes from near Woodbury to Maple Grove for classes because they would rather have a known positive classroom experience than take an unknown experience in Woodbury (although I know Master Klaas would do a very good job).

Lastly, we believe in the integrity of your organization as demonstrated by Master Kunstmann. It was the integrity that sold us on masters programs. I know that whatever changes you may make to keep the business of karate viable; it will be done with integrity.