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"I am no longer a traditional type of role model."

Dear Master Franks and Master Worley;

"Why do you compare everything to karate?" my son Robert asks.  To me, the answer is more than obvious.  USA Karate has provided me the tools to face life head-on.  Not from the sidelines, a victim of events.

USA Karate taught me the skills needed to set goals; cope with upsets; and to exert the inner power needed to be a leader and role model for my own family, at least.

I started out April 24, 1997.  It was something fun to try with my son.  My "humble beginning" entailed being a homemaker "retired" from my advertising career to raise two small children.  My husband traveled a lot.  I wanted the security of knowing I could protect myself and my children should the need arise.

Today, I am a 2nd degree Black Belt (graduating to 3rd in August '04).  My son is a (2nd Degree) Black Belt.  My daughter an advanced Brown Belt (graduating to 2nd Degree in August '04).  And my traveling husband has slowed down enough to enroll and become an advanced red belt (Now a 1st Degree Black Belt).  (Rather quickly with all the home tutoring, I might add.)

My children don't see me only as a nurturing mother, but as a strong person with her own goals.  I am no longer a traditional type of role model, but one who has shown her children how to persevere and to achieve in a powerful way.

I have learned a lot about myself along the way.  To "dig deep" and pull out more strength than you'd think was there…To challenge my body and my brain.  To try something new as an adult!

From my humble beginnings, I have become one of a good karate family.  I have gained the determination to storm life's fortresses; and I have found the strength and endurance to keep going regardless of moments of self-doubt.  Those are skills for life.  So, thanks to USA Karate, my instructors - especially Mr. Seifert - thanks to the leadership of our Grand Masters, Mr. Franks and Mr. Worley, I have been able to impart real and useful learning to my children.  And teaching children to be strong, disciplined, respectful and good friends is what we all owe the world.  What you have given me, I try to forward on to those who follow.

Thank you for everything.

S. Harold
USA Karate - Chanhassen student